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Deb Smythe

Deb moved to Banff from eastern Canada in 1977, after completing a degree in economics. “I thought I’d come out west for one season of skiing and having fun before settling down to a ‘real’ job.” Famous last words… forty years later, she’s still there! Most of those years have been spent with the Banff Mountain Film & Book Festival. As Festival Director and the Banff representative for the International Alliance for Mountain Film, she’s literally seen thousands of films on the mountain genre – should put her in a good position to sit on this year’s film jury at the Bilbao Mendi Film Festival.

Jack Tackle

Jack Tackle is known for his climbing in Alaska from the seventies crossing the threshold of the present century. He's done over 35 major expeditions to Alaska and 17 first ascents, including Denali’s Isis Face, Mt. Hunter’s Diamond Arête, Foraker’s Viper Ridge, Mt. Barille’s Cobra Pillar, four new routes on Mt. Huntington massif... His expeditions include Mt. Everest West Expedition, Biafo Spires, Uzam Braak, and Biantha Braak (Ogre), in Pakistan, Cordilleras Blanca and Huayhuash in Peru and Kashmir in India.

Jack is a former three term Director and Treasurer of the American Alpine Club.

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Jesus Mari Lazkano

Jesus Mari Lazkano is Full Professor of the Department of Painting and Doctor of Fine Arts from the University of the Basque Country. He has made numerous solo exhibitions in the US, China, Switzerland, Jakarta, Spain and Italy. In 2016, a complete retrospective of his last 40 years career was organized during the European Cultural Capital of Donostia-San Sebastian. Recently, he has participated in a scientific-artistic expedition to the North Pole, organized by the American Foundation The Arctic Circle. Climber in his youth, is now linked to navigation.

Nancy Rosenthal


Nancy Rosenthal is the Founder and Executive Director of the New York WILD Film Festival. NY WILD showcases documentaries about critical conservation and environmental issues, wildlife behavior and cutting edge exploration and adventure. Her extensive and successful career in filmmaking includes producing award-winning childrens’ films about natural history, science, and conservation for National Geographic. After National Geographic her independent film work shifted to include films about social issues and the arts.

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Paul Urkijo


Paul Urkijo Alijo is a film director. In 2008 he obtained his degree in Fine Arts, he creates audiovisual content, infographics and illustration. Thus he begins to write and make his own fiction and animation short films. The short films he has written and directed have won 85 national and international awards. In 2016 he wrote, produced and directed his first feature film entitled Errementari, a fantastic genre film based on the story of Patxi Errementaria



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