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The Basque Country and Navarre mountain federations to receive the WOP Mendi Film 2024 award

It has been done so in recognition of their historical contribution to mountaineering and mountain values, coinciding with the celebration of the centenary of their founding.

Promoted and championed by the mountain associations of Alava, Bizkaia, Gipuzkoa and Navarre, the Basque-Navarre Mountaineering Federation was created on May 18th  1924 in Elgeta. Nowadays, the Basque Mountaineering Federation (Basque Autonomous Community) and the Navarre Federation of Mountaineering and Climbing Sports collaborate through a permanent body called the Basque-Navarre Union of Mountaineering Sports (UVADEMO).

The WOP Mendi Film Award gala will be staged in December, at the 17th edition of the BBK Mendi Film Bilbao Bizkaia (6-15 December).

WOP Mendi Film Award winners:

·       Edurne Pasaban (2023)

·       Eduardo Martínez de Pisón (2022)

·       Sebastián Álvaro (2021)

·       Fundación Baltistán Fundazioa (2020)

·       Nives Meroi e Romano Benet (2019)

·       Juanjo San Sebastián (2018)

·       Peter Habeler (2017)

·       Sir Chris Bonington (2016)

·       Josep Manuel Anglada (2015)

·       Drawn film by Jeremy Collins (2014)


The WOP-The Walk On Project Foundation is a social venture that fights against neurodegenerative diseases by way of various activities.


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