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Adam Ondra

Collaborator at climbing whorkshop and protagonist of the conference ‘Slideshow, life of a climber‘ 

Adam Ondra (Brno, Czech Republic, 1993) is the only climber who has won the World Championship in two disciplines: lead and boulder. Besides, he won both medals in the same year, during the edition of 2014. He also has a very similar record in the World Cup, as he is the only climber who has won it in two disciplines: lead in 2009 and boulder in 2010. He has climbed 1,162 routes that go from 8a (5.13b) to 9b+ (5.15c), of which three were a 9b+ (5.15c) and 548 were onsights. This includes three 9a (5.14d) and fifteen 8c+ (5.14c). Adam is the first climber that has climbed a redpoint route whose grade was 9b+ (5.15c) (Change, Flatanger, 2012.) He has also been awarded the ‘Salewa Rock Award’ four times.

The practice of the climbing course will be held in the center PIUGAZ and theoretical in the Ensanche Building of Bilbao, on the 12th and 13th of December.

The conference of Adam Ondra will be held in Sala BBK on the  12th  of December, at 7:30p.m.

Adrian Cuellar

Protagonist of the 'Course about training methods and pathologies in climbing'

Adrián Cuéllar (Donostia) has a BS in Medicine and he specializes in orthopaedic surgery. He worked in the hospital of Galdakao for years and he had been researching for the Surgery, Radiology and Physical Medicine Department of the University of the Basque Country. He currently works in the Gipuzkoa Polyclinic. He has taken part in nationwide and worldwide congresses and has published numerous articles. He is member of the Spanish Association of Arthroscopy.

Aitor Gisasola

Director of the short film ‘Dominica’

Aitor has 25 years in the audiovisual sector. He has worked as a director in numerous programs and documentaries for ETB, such as 'La noche de...', ‘Oinak izarretan', 'Lau haizeetara-la mirada mágica' or 'EITB Kultura'. In Getxophoto and Bilbao Mendi Film Festival and has also carried out work of realization, and with Fredi Paia has been responsible for 'Akordaten Akordaten naz naz I & II' (2008-2010), a documentary that collect the historical memory and ethnolinguistics of Getxo. Now both are making a work about the transhumance in Basque Country.

The short film will be presented in Sala BBK, on December 17, at 5:00pm.

Alberto Iñurrategi

Protagonist of the film '2T on Chamlang' and the 'Panel Talk: the challenge'

The climber and mountaineer from Aretxabaleta (Basque Country) Alberto Iñurrategi is the tenth mountaineer that has managed to crown the 14 'eight-thousanders'. He is characterized by his alpine style ascents; without oxygen, fixed ropes and extra support infrastructure. Iñurrategi is part of the collective imagination of the Basque himalayism, a benchmark that will accompany us in the talk about "The Challenge" that he will keep with the chef Eneko Atxa, and the presentation of the film '2T on Chamlang' that narrates his expedition to Chamlang. This fall, particularly on 19 October, the WOPEAK expedition formed by the alpinitas Alberto Iñurrategi, Juan Vallejo and Mikel Zabalza and the cameraman Juanjo Otazu, crowned the Nepalese mountain.

The film will be presented in the Sala BBK on Saturday 19 December at 7:30pm.

The conversation between Alberto Iñurrategi and Eneko Atxa will take place at Sala BBK Saturday December 12 at 11:30am.

Andoni Esparta

Protagonist of the Mendi Talk 'Jugando a escalar' ('Plying to climb')

 Andoni Sparta is an all-terrain climber. He was born in Bilbao on May 9, 2001 and is studying 3 of the ESO. Talkative, friendly and loyal to his friends, the young man just of 14 years has become a reference for the current difficulty climbing, but not only because of  the degree that he has come to fetter, also because of his attitude and energy. Andoni has chained 8a to view and on June 15 chained his first 8b + in Valdegovia (Álava), but also had the possibility to climb and settle his degrees, in France, Italy and the United States. Furthermore, last September 20 has been first of its kind in the European Championships in Torino, showing that the resin is also his land. As targets for this year, he wants to train hard for the forthcoming competitions and try to make the jump to 8c, a level that has at hand.

The Mendi Talk "Playing climb" will be held at the Sala BBK on December 13 at 11:30.

Andoni Ormazabal

 Protagonist of the 'Course about training methods and pathologies in climbing'

              Andoni Ormazabal (Urretxu, 1978) has a Bachelor’s Degree in Physiotherapy and two Master’s Degrees: Chinese Traditional Medicine and Sport Physiotherapy. He has had additional education related to surgery and is one of the few physiotherapist of the country who specializes in climbing and mountain pathologies. He is also a founding member of Ekin, a physiotherapy centre in Aretxabaleta (Gipuzkoa.) He is currently running a study with regard to the climbing community, whose aim is to deem the amount of injuries related to climbing among the different levels and groups and to explore the risk factors associated to it.

Antxon Arza

Protagonist of the film ‘Biziminez’

Arza Antxon began working with 18 years as monitor of rock and ice of the National School of High Mountain and a teacher of skiing in the CRC, and has always been passionate about rock climbing, rafting and caving. Being a pioneer on the descent of many Pyrenean rivers led him to work as a specialist for the TVE program "Al Filo de lo Imposible" until 2000. In a 15-meter jump in the river Yuruaní of Venezuela, he broke two vertebrae and the accident left him in a wheelchair. But that has not stopped him to get on with his life, "before I skied standing and now sitting, before I set me up for the half marathon and now I swim every day to participate in the Getaria-Zarautz, before I went to the mountain walking and now in quad... I feel fortunate to have had a second chance to continue to enjoy nature together with others," he says. Currently it helps companies to deepen in securities offering conferences, through which it has received the 2010 Award Manager Speaker.

The film ‘Biziminez’ will be presented in Sala BBK on December 12, at 5:15pm.

Bernadette McDonald

Writer and mountain culture consultant

With a degree in English Literature and Music, is author of eight books on mountaineering and mountain culture, including 'Freedom Climbers', awarded with four major prizes, including the Boardman Tasker Prize for Mountain Literature and the Banff Mountain Book Festival Grand Prize. She was awarded ITAS Prize for mountain writing and is a three-time winner of India´s Kekoo Naoroji Award for Mountain Literature. In 2011 the American Alpine Club awarded her their highest literary honor for excellence in mountain literature. She has also received the Alberta Order of Excellence, the Summit of Excellence Award from the Banff Centre, the King Albert Award for international leadership in the field of mountain culture and environment, and the Queen´s Golden Jubilee Medal. Bernadette is an honorary member of both the Polish Mountaineering Association and India´s Himalayan Club as she currently serves on the international advisory committee for national Geographic´s Expedition Council. She will present the spanish version of her book 'Freedom Climbers', 'Escaladores de la libertad' in Sala BBK, on December 12, at 12:30.

Bertrand Delapierre

Director of the film ‘Artists on Jorasses’

Cameraman of the film ‘Antagonist’

Bertrand Delapierre  is a French mountaineer and filmmaker, beginning with declines films before becoming interested in climbing. He was a teammate of Marco Siffredi in the Alps and the Himalayas, and later he made a documentary about the life of the mountaineer, because of his death in the Himalaya, L'Etoile Filante. He has made numerous documentaries on ascents in climbing: climbing ice fall, as the film he made in 2003, Ice Up, based on an idea by François Damilano with Guy Lacelle and five other climbers. He has also made several documentaries about climbing free. He comes to Bilbao Mendi Film Festival as a director of Artists on Jorasses and representing Antagonist, where he was cameraman. ‘Artists on Jorasses’ will be presented in the Sala BBK on December 14 de diciembre, at 5:00pm. ‘Antagonist’ will be presented in the Sala BBk, on December 15, at 5:00pm.


Christian Ravier

Mountain guide and protagonist of the Panel Talk "The guides take the word"


"I like to convey to my companions authentic passion for the mountains," as his father and his uncle, the Ravier, brothers Jean and Pierre, transmited to him in the past. Often, Christian only goes up the mountain with his clients or to open exceptional ways, the classics of the future. For him, climbing means to live a daily adventure, measured the unknown, search on the rock the cleanest and aesthetic way. Based in Pau, he declared love of the two Pyrenean slopes, but it is also common to see him working in Morocco, Jordan, Greece or anywhere in the globe that deserves a vertical travel.


The Panel Talk will take place at Sala BBK on December 15, at 7:30pm.



Connie Self

Producer and manager of Jeff Lowe´s Metanoia

Inspired by Jeff's story and fascinated by the art of storytelling, Connie wears many hats for this film. Connie started in sales and completed her 11-year tenure at 'Adventure 16 Outdoor' and 'Travel Outfitters' as Vice President. Since 1990 she has managed her own businesses, 'CS Consulting and Training and Peace of Mind Doula Services'. Connie worked with Jeff on 'Clean Walls', the instructional video and has organized and promoted many of his slideshow tours. She brings tremendous creativity, enthusiasm and many professional skills to the project. Connie continues to hike, ski, climb and run rivers. She lives with Jeff Lowe in Louisville, Colorado. The film will be presented in Sala BBK, on December 18, at 7:30pm.

Dani Salas

Protagonist of the 'Mendi Talk' 'Jugando a escalar' ('Playing to climb')

Dani Salas has known how to combine his passions as professional climbing and mountainering with film and photography. He started working as a sound engineer and cameraman in TVE for “Al filo de lo imposible” programme. After working several years in various production companies and projects, always linked to the mountain, travel, and cinematography, in 2010 he created Documalia, an audiovisual production that mixes the documentary with travels and mountains. He has received several awards, some of them are the best spanish film in Torello Mountain Festival f for "The end of the Loneliness" and the award for best sound editing for the film "El reto de Carlos Soria” in FESCINAT festival. He comes to Bilbao Mendi Film Festival to present his project “Jugando a escalar”.

The ‘Mendi Talk’ about his project will take place in Sala BBK, on December 13, at 11:30. 

Daniel Castillo

Director of the film ‘Prohibido escalar’

Daniel Castillo formed the audiovisual collective 'Zaunka' in 2004 and since then has received numerous prizes and awards, including the Prize of artistic creation of the Community of Madrid 2006, Montehermoso Creation Award 2006. In 2009 he founded 'Clownclimbing', a group of photographers, filmmakers and climbers who create audiovisual and multimedia content on climbing and mountain views, and their reports have been published in major national magazines. Daniel is also a regular contributor to the magazine 'Slope', which regularly publishes travel reports, as well as case reports nationwide. In Bilbao Mendi Film Festival unveils its documentary Scale spaces, produced by 'Escalada Sostenible’, an organization with a vocation of unity and collective representation of climbers that presents the debate on the future of our schools and climbing mountains.

The film will be presented in Sala BBK on December 18, at 5:00pm.

Darius Zaluski

Director of the film 'No ski no fun'

Dariusz Zaluski has climbed 5 ‘eight-thousanders’, including K2 and Everest twice, and has taken part in many winter expeditions. He is member of the Alpine Club in Warsaw. He combines climbing with professional film-making and has authored many award-winning documentaries about the highest mountains of the world such a ‘Everest to shift the horizon’, ‘Annapurna in light style’, ‘Shisha in winter’, ‘Ciao Martina’ or ‘Two on K2’. His mountain adventure with film began shooting on the last Himalayan expedition led by Andrzej Zawada in 1997. He arrives in Bilbao with his last film ‘No ski no fun’.

The film will be presented in Sala BBK, on December 16, at 7:30pm.

Dimitar Dimitrov

Producer of the film 'Reach your limits'

Being an organizer of the biggest adventure competition in Bulgaria – Xco Adventure Cup, and one of the leading figures in adventure races. He was responsible for organizing the previous challenge of Disl – “5 peaks”. That’s the moment when Dimitar learned to appreciate the madness of Kiril, and since then he takes personally everything that Kiril does. Besides keeping Kiril alive and healthy, his main responsibilities were to share his strength, to run by his side, or just be a supportive friend. Dimitar is a person who can see the big picture, which helped him react to the constant changing obstacles and to rewrite the tasks of the entire team.

The film will be presented in Sala BBK on December 13, at 3:00pm.

Elisabeth Vergés

Alpinist and wife of Josep Manuel Anglada 


Elisabeth Verges, 76 years old, is the wife of Josep Manuel Anglada. However, she is known for much more than that, because she is a pioneer in women's climibing in Spain. Despite she was teacher of chemistry industry, she has accompanied her husband on most of his trips and expeditionsAlthough in most travel she waits on base camp, she has also climbed mountains like Kilimanjaro (5895 meters), and that is why she has become on one of the women who has promoted and opened the way to spanish female climbing.

Bilbao Mendi Film Festival will pay tribute to her husband, Josep Manuel Anglada, and will give him the WOP Foundation Award 2015 on 19 December, at 7:30pm.

Elixabete Arrillaga

Protagonist of the short film ‘Dominica’

Born in Zarautz, she finished the administrative studies and began working in 'Refractory Arrillaga'. In 1980 he married and went to live in a village of Itziar, leaving her office work. After being widowed in 1985, he rented a farmhouse in Aizarnazabal, and with his young daughter, was responsible for a flock of 200 sheep. From 1986 to 1990, she was president of the Association of Shepherds of Gipuzkoa, and member on the boards of numerous organizations: Artzai Gazta Elkartea, the union EHNE, Urkome Mendi Nekazaritza Elkartea ... In 1992 she married again, and with her second husband, Mikel Etxezarreta, began to work on mountain shepherding, in Urbia. Now they spend the winter, from November to May in Aizpea cheese factory, in Olaberri, and summer, from May to November, in Urbia.

The film will be presented in the Sala BBK on December 17, at 5:00pm.    

Eñaut Izagirre

Protagonist of the Mendi Talk about ‘National Geographic’  

Eñaut Estibaritz Izaguirre (November 30, 1990) from Elgoibar (Basque Country), has a degree in geography from the UPV. After finishing that, he moved to Punta Arenas in Chilean Patagonia, for a master's degree in Sciences with a major in Antarctic Glaciology at the University of Magallanes.   From childhood he has been fond of mountaineering and natural landscapes. Ice, glaciers and high mountains have always attracted attention. In addition to his BA he has also completed the first level Mountain Media Guide.   In Punta Arena he had the opportunity to participate in multidisciplinary Cordarwin 2013 expedition which reached the vicinity of the Monte Sarmiento in the Cordillera Darwin in Tierra del Fuego. Currently he has been awarded with a grant from National Geographic to develop his project "Incognita", to be presented at the Bilbao Mendi Film Festival.  

The Mendi Talk will be done in the Sala BBK on December 13, at 11:30am.   

Eneko Atxa

Protagonist of the 'Panel Talk' about 'The Challenge' with Alberto Iñurrategi

Eneko Atxa (Amorebieta, 1977) studied at the Hotel School in Leioa. He later worked in several restaurants in the Basque Country, as the Baserri Maitea, Asador Zaldua, the Andra Mari in Galdakao, the restaurant of Martin Berasategui or the restaurant Mugaritz of Andoni Luis Aduriz, among others. Always looking for new challenges, in 2005 he opened his own restaurant, Azurmendi, and only two years later, the Michelin Guide awarded him with the first star. In 2012 came the third star, becoming the first cook fron Bizkaia (Basque Country) distinguished with this award. Eneko Atxa, in its ongoing pursuit of excellence, also won another prize in 2013: his restaurant Bistro Pret a Porter, was awarded by the Michelin Guide with distinctive Bib Gourmand (quality food at moderate price, category created by the Guide 1955 ). Here again, he is the only one in Bizkaia.

The 'Panel Talk' will be held at the Sala BBK on December 12, at 11:30.

Eneko Pou

Protagonist of the film “Big Men”

Eneko Pou has always been dedicated to the mountain, not close to anything. Something that allows him to be today Instructor of the Basque School of High Mountain and to have Ski Teacher Diploma. As climber has reached the eighth grade, and as a mountaineer has participated in several expeditions, which highlights the attempt to Annapurna 1999, with Juan Oiarzabal and Juan Vallejo. Another of his aspects is ice climbing, something unknown in our country. Eneko has practiced this type in the world, from the Alps to Canada through the United States. Also he emphasizes his passion for skiing, mode in which it has come to draw surprising declines extreme skiing. Examples are the direct descent of the north face of Monte Perdido, the normal route of Midi D'Ossau, or Colouir Swam of Astazous. His big bang as a climber was in 2003, with the project '7 Walls 7 Continents' with his brother Iker. He visits Bilbao Mendi Film Festival to talk about his experiences as the protagonist of the movie 'Big Men.'

The film will be presented at the Sala BBK on December 18, at 7:30pm.

Fredi Paia

Director of the short film ‘Dominica’  

'Bertsolari', musician and etnographer. He moves from square to square since in 1999 he won the 'Euskal Herriko Eskolarteko Bertsolari Txapelketa'. He is the current champion of the ‘improvisers’ of Bizkaia and has been finalist seven times since 2000. In addition he combines 'bertsolaritza' with many other disciplines: theater ('Bertso Tranpak'), music ('Hudaltzainak'), literature ('Oroimenaren lupa') ... internationally investigates and experiments around the oral improvisation in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay (the parliament of the country declared his stay in the national interest), Palestine, Kurdistan, Greece, Ireland… He also plays the violin and flute, and he is the singer of the 'Gibelurdinek' group.  

The short film will be presented in Sala BBK, on December 17, at 5:00pm.

Gerard Peris

Producer of the film 'Panaroma' 

Born in Barcelona in 1989, Gerard Peris is a journalist by formation, but gradually has been specializing in the audiovisual both academically as an autodidact. He is a founding member of the ‘Namuss Films’ with Jon Herranz, who have been made and driven many audiovisual projects. Always from the perspective documentary, assuming different responsibilities, but always as a producer and assistant director, Gerard Peris has produced both videos, with sports and social content. His latest Climbing documentary, ‘Panaroma’, has won numerous awards in Italy, Poland and Peru, while his short film ‘Novato’ was selected in 14 International Mountain Film Festivals. From a social perspective he has made documentaries as ‘Sikyong. The political revolution of the 14th Dalai Lama ‘, ‘Flames’ or ‘Platform’, this one awarded with Best Film Prize at International Film and Human Rights Festival of Barcelona 2013, and with the Human Values ​​Award in SCIFE 2013.  

The film ‘Panaroma’ will be presented at the Sala BBK on December 18 at 5:00pm.

Higinio Rivero

Protagonist of the film 'Docu Yourself, Higi'  

Higinio Rivero has always been a sport, engine and risk activities’ lover, until he had an accident back in April 2013 while he was climbing. This caused him a medullary injury, which resulted in paraplegia.   Nevertheless, instead of being daunted by all these obstacles, Higinio has kept on fighting for his passion and to get back the hope and motivation he has found through sport ever since he was a kid. With that purpose in mind, he practices canoeing wholeheartedly. His fight is an example for us all and what this self-recorded documentary tries to transmit. This has been an amazing experience for him. ‘It has helped me to capture my feelings and to inspire for my everyday fight’, he claims.


The film will be shown in the Sala BBK on December 17, at 5:00pm. 

Iara Lee

Director of the film 'K2 and the invisible footmen'

Iara Lee, a Brazilian of Korean descent, is an activist, filmmaker, and director of the Cultures of Resistance Network. In 2010, she released a feature-length documentary entitled cultures of resistance, which explores how creative action contributes to conflict prevention and resolution. Iara has also continued to produce and direct documentary films. Recently she released a full-length documentari that is currently screening at film festivals around the world, and also in Bilbao Mendi Film Festival: K2 and the invisible footmen, shot in stunning northern Pakistan, highlights the everyday sacrifices of the indigenous porters who make possible the ascent of Pakistan's tallest mountain.

The film will be shown in the Sala BBK on December 19 at 5:15pm. 

Iker Pou

Protagonist of the film ‘Big Men’

Iker Pou has always sucked from mountains, that´s why he knows them as anyone and that´s why he shows a greatest respect for them. While his brother Eneko focused more on other disciplines, Iker caught sport climbing routes reaching the first 8c, 8c + and 9a soon. He is recognized internationally as one of the best and most complete climbers. His conditions for climbing are amazing, and you just hang on his fingers just a crack millimeters wide to dazzle anyone. As an example, suffice it to say that he won the Second World repetition of the mythical route 'Direct Action' (Germany). This route 9a supposed his ultimate accolade internationally, being the youngest climber that succeeded. Since then he collects handfuls of 8a and 8b +, enormous difficulty routes, some of which he has opened. And he is the first state climber who has completed three routes on the 9th (the hardest level). But Iker has never been made only sport climbing. He has always tried to combine wall routes and mountain getaways to disconnect from the climbing environment and enjoy the other side of mountaineering. He visits Bilbao Mendi Film Festival starring in the movie 'Big Men'.

The film will be presented in the Sala BBK on December 18, at 7:30pm.

Imanol Marrodan

He will present his book ‘Anboto’ and his lecture ‘Anboto, imagen de un mundo flotante’ (‘Anboto, image of a floating world’)

Imanol Marrodan (Bilbao, 1964) is an interdisciplinary creative and critical thinker who has focused his work within the framework of research and contemporary artistic creation. His work has appeared in numerous international contemporary art fairs as ARCO, VALENCIA ART ART DFOTO Santander (Spain), and KUNST ART COLOGNE KÖLN (Germany), KIAF (Seoul, Korea), ArteBA (Buenos Aires, Argentina) and BALELATINA (Basel, Switzerland); also has sbeen present in important collections of museums and public and private institutions such as the Precious Metals Laboratory of the Basque Government, the Museum of Art and History of Durango, Artium, Navarra´s Museum, the Centre for Art and Nature of Huesca, Photomuseum of Zarautz, the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum, the Provincial Museum of Cuenca, Albacete Municipal Museum ... among many others.

He has exhibited in countries like United Kingdom, France, Germany, Portugal, Belgium, Korea, Argentina, and the United States. He has always been in touch with nature and the mountains, and has been climber and mountaineer. Hiss main activity is focused on the decades of 80 and 90. His usual training environment have been Atxarte walls in Abadiño. His ascents are mainly focused in the Pyrenees, Picos de Europa and the Alps.

He will be signing books in Sala BBK, on 19 December, at 11:00.

The conference will take place in Sala BBK, on 19 December, at 11:30.

Ioritz Gonzalez

Protagonist of the 'Course about training methods and pathologies in climbing'

Ioritz Gonzalez (Azkoitia, 1980) has a BS in Biology and two Master’s Degrees: Aquiculture and Secondary school Teaching. He has also had additional education related to the health field and he is currently running, together with Andoni Ormazabal, a study with regard to the climbing community in order to deem the amount of injuries related to this sport.



Iraitz Ezkergain

Protagonist of the short film ‘Iraitz, le basque de La Grave’

Iraitz Ezkergain went to live in La Grave, in the french Alps, in 2009 and since then he has not stopped skiing.  He is used to ski on slopes of 55º and with a lot of exposure, and to make long trips with skis in 4,000m. He started guiding in Norway in 2012, and since then he passed five months every year in this country, working as independent mountain guide for different companies. He has more than 150 summits  and he has risen about 60 times to the top of Nacional Norway mountain called ‘Stetind’.
He has recorded his story in the film “Iraitz, le basque de La Grave’, wich is going to be projected outside the official section of Bilbao Mendi Film Festival.

The film will be presented in Sala BBK, on December 14, at 7:30pm.

Itxaso Diaz

Director of the film ‘Docu Yoursef, Higi’  

Itxaso Diaz is an artist born in Gallarta, in 1974. Degree in Audiovisual in 1997 by the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of the Basque Country, she has made numerous photography courses and participated in numerous exhibitions. One of her last works, that she will present at Bilbao Mendi Film Festival, is the ‘Docu Yourself, Higi’, inspirational audiovisual collaboration, a project designed and based on the participants and whose development is focused on concepts such as self-recording and do it yourself. Her work aims to present profiles of people who have made their passion their profession or whose struggle to adapt to new circumstances, are an example and an inspiration. Shee has had the ability to document and report its activities, taking on both the challenges and the satisfactions that involves the performance of their professions. At Bilbao Mendi Film Festival we will know the chapter 8, with Higinio Rivero as protagonist.         

The film will be shown in the Sala BBK on December 17, at 5:00pm.   

Jean Yves Fredriksen

Protagonist of the film ‘Suspentes et cordes de violon au Pakistan’

Jean -Yves Fredriksen is a french climber, paraglider and high mountain guide. He is known as Blutch and he has won his recognition because of his  films, climbs and expeditions.

Jean Yves was born in 1975 and grew up in the Vosges in eastern France. Now he lives in the Abondance Valley, where he spends summers teaching climbing and leading mountaineering expeditions. In the winters he teaches skiing.


He has climbed, among others, de route “des papas” in the Dru Mountain, the Cervino, where he opened the Sebastien Gay route, and the three north faces of the Alps, Grandes Jorasses, Cervino and Eiger, paragliding and walking, always with his violin.


His film will be presented on Tuesday 15 December at 5:00pm in the sala BBK.

Jerzy Porebski

Special guest 

Jerzy Porebski born in 1956 in Bielsko-Biala, in the southern Poland. He is director,
writer and producer of films about mountain. The topics that most interest him are the explorers, the great challenges of mountaineering, culture and history, especially in relation to the Polish history in the Himalayas. In 2008 he made a series of five films on this subject, and one of the main titles of this series was ‘Everest warriors’ which features the first ascent of Everest by Krzysztof Wielicki. 
In 2013 he received the award for best director at the Vertical Film Festival In Moscu for his film Kukuczka, with which also participated in Bilbao Mendi Film Festival.

Jokin Lizeaga

Director of the 'Clinic about training and techniques for mountain races'

This runner from Urnieta (Gipuzkoa, Basque Country), born in 1979, has a degree in Physical Education and is specialist in mountain races. He usually takes part in this type of events and he is a physical coach. In addition, he is a member of the Basque Selection of Mountain Races and the Ternua team.

One of the results that boosted his career was the victory in the "Chaberton Marathon" (World Cup Trail) in 2009. Another of his great achievements took place in Zegama´s competition (World Cup) in 2012, where he finished in the 5th place. He was also victorious in the "Marathon Montcalm" (Sky Race World Cup) in 2012. His list of achievements includes victories such as Arratzu Urdaibai, Mello Saria, Donostia-Hondarribia, Comprehensive Valdecebollas, Urnietako Mendi Lasterketa, Montan Trail Aspe, Hellmouth, Senpere Trail... Although we must not forget that he is the Basque runner with the record in Zegama-Aizkorri: 3h 59min 11s. One of his most important recent achievements has been the 3rd place in the overall placing of the World Cup.

At the same time, Jokin has also been coaching a wide range of runners for lots of years. From young talents of the Basque team to elite runners, who are currently in the world Top10 of their specialties, as Manuel Merillas, Aritz Egea or Jordi Gamito.

The course about  mountain races will take place in the Hostel of Bilbao on 19 and 20 December.

Jon Herranz

Director of the film ‘Panaroma’

Jon Herranz born in Getxo (Bizkaia) in 1980, and has directed numerous videos of climbing and outdoor sports with hundreds of thousands of views around the world via the Internet and in collaboration with EpicTV, in addition to several sports documentaries as ‘Panaroma’, ‘Novato’ or ‘Restart’. His latest sports documentary ‘Panaroma’ has won several awards including the Prize for Best Film Golden Axe Grivel at the 2015 International Festival of Outdoor Adventure Sancandido-Innichen, and is part of the official selection of numerous film festivals. His short film ‘Novato’ has been selected in 14 International Mountain Film Festivals as Bilbao, Trento, Vancouver, Graz, South Korea and Kendal, among others. Jon Herranz has also directed social documentaries as ‘Sikyong. The political revolution of the 14th Dalai Lama’, ‘La plataforma’ or ‘Flames’, receiving awards including Best Film International at Film and Human Rights Festival of Barcelona. In Bilbao Mendi Film Festival presents 'Panaroma', his last work.

The film will be presented at the Sala BBK on December 18, at 5:00pm.

Jordi Canyigueral

Director of the film ‘Big Men’

Director and vertical camera. He has worked as operator image in Catalonian Television and TVE. Currently, through the Filmut brand, produces films climbing for brands such as Redbull and North Face. Usually he works with the Pou brothers. Some of his films are 'Com penjar-se', 'Demencia senil', 'Panaroma', Nit de bruixes', 'Indian Summer Festival' or the film presents this year: 'Big Men'.

The film will be presented at the Sala BBK on December 18 at 7:30pm.