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Panel Talk. Women at the top

Lynn Hill. Katie Ives. Edurne Pasaban. Bernadette McDonald. Catherine Destivelle. Josune Bereziartu
Place: Sala BBK
Day: Saturday, December 9, at 17:15
* Simultaneous translations
Lynn Hill. The best sport climber at the end of the 80s, jousting with Destivelle. She performed the 1st free ascent of ‘The Nose’ in Yosemite valley.
Katie Ives. Editor-in-chief of the ‘Alpinist’ magazine.
Edurne Pasaban. The first woman climber to bag 14 8,000 metre summits 21 in the all time ranking.
Bernadette McDonald. A world reference, “Boardman Tasker Award” mountain literature prize winner. Founder of the Banf Centre for Mountain Culture.
Catherine Destivelle. The best sport climber between 1985 and 1988. In 1990 she did the winter solo of the three legendary alpine mountain faces in one outing.
Josune Bereziartu. The first woman climber to go beyond the 9th grade. She laid down new world records and formed partnerships with the best of the periods male counterparts.

Women at the top

Panel Talk. Mountain Story Tellers

Catherine Destivelle. Bernadette McDonald. Lara Izagirre. Luisa Alonso Cires. Katie Ives.
Place: Sala BBK
Day: Sunday, December 10, at 12:00
* Simultaneous translations

In the last ten years the role of women in the mountains has gained much visibility, as much as in the field as in the media used to transmit the activities and the stories to be told. Bernadette McDonald, Catherine Destivelle, Katie Ives, Luisa Alonso-Cires and Lara Izagirre will disclose the secrets of the worlds of film, literature and mountain journalism. Great and many tales told by women so experienced in their fields.

Story Tellers

Mendi Talk. Catherine Destivelle - From Bouldering to High Mountains Ascent

Place: Sala BBK
Day: Sunday, December 10, at 17:15
* Simultaneous translations

It’s most certain that Catherine Destivelle would not have ever imagined that her first steps in climbing among the blocks of Fontainebleau, where her parents took her to play as a child, would take her. A sixteen she was climbing in Verdon. Her triumph at the first climbing championship in Bardonechia (1985) catapulted her into the world of professional climbing. Having surpassed the maximum degrees of difficulty, she switched to alpinism. Torre Del Trango, then her winter solo climbs among the mythical North Alps, the ascent of Shisha Pangma, just paved her way towards the most daring and audacious attempts on the majestic walls of the Himalayas.

Mendi Talk_Catherine

Mendi Talk. Lynn Hill - Climbing Free

Place Sala BBK
Day: Monday, December 11, at 19:30
* Simultaneous translations

Lynn Hill is the iconic American climber, acknowledged as one of the most accomplished rock climber in the world. Having learned to climb in 1975, Lynn was part of a cutting-edge generation of free climbers known as the ‘Stone Masters’. Climbing Free is the story of how Lynn has evolved as a person, as a woman in a male dominated scene, as well as her experiences with many of legendary climbers from all over the world. Having traveled to various climbing destinations throughout Europe, Vietnam, Thailand, Morocco, Australia, Japan, Kyrgyzstan, Cuba, and China, Lynn has a unique perspective of the evolution of climbing across the globe.

Mendi Talk_Lynn

Panel Talk. El Mundo de los Pirineos - 3D Cartography for Smartphones

Miguel Angulo, Javier Pascual, Gilles Cazauvieilh, Argiñe Areitio
Place: Sala BBK
Day: Saturday, December 16, at 11:30

The publishing house, SUA, specialised in mountaineering, travel and cartography is celebrating it’s 30th anniversary, presents what most recently it has wagered on, that being Apps for smart phones. One of these APPS is the “Pyrenees Maps ensemble“APP with 3D cartography, developed by Miguel Angulo with in the field, suggestions and support by Gorka López.

PT_Cartografías 3D

Mendi Talk. Peter Habeler & Juanjo San Sebastián

An evening with Peter Habeler
Place: Sala BBK
Day: Saturday, December 16, at 19:30
* Simultaneous translations

The Saturday night will be for Peter Habeler. Among his many achievements is his ascent of Everest along with Reinhold Messner, without supplemental oxygen in 1978. At 75, he is still climbing. The conference, with Juanjo San Sebastián, will be about his long alpinism career.



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