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Eliza Kubarska

An avid climber, traveller and explorer, Eliza is one of the few women to have accomplished difficult big-wall/multipitch first ascents around the world, as well as having participated in mountaineering expeditions in the Karakorum and other mountain ranges around the globe. As a filmmaker, her works, from “What happened on Pam Island", to "K2 Touching the Sky", up to the recent "The Wall of Shadows", have won numerous awards not only in most of the International Alliance for Mountain Film festivals, but also in many other international film festivals not related to the mountain world. She is the 2023 recipient of the IAMF Grand Prize.

Nerea Alberdi

Composer, orchestrator and arranger. As a composer she works mainly in the field of music for the image. He has worked with composers such as Lucio Godoy, Zacarías M. de la Riva, Vanessa Garde, Alfonso Vilallonga, Pascal Gaigne and Sergio Jiménez Lacima, as well as on her own in film, television, performing arts, advertising and studio arrangements. As a teacher, she teaches composition in the Degree in Music Production at the EUNEIZ University and is a regular collaborator at the University of Deusto.

Patricia Ayala

Director, producer, screenwriter. Founder of Pathos Audiovisual. Her first feature, "Don Ca", premiered at Visions Du Réel and toured some of the most significant documentary film festivals. It won, among others, the Macondo award for Best Colombian Documentary, as well as the award for Best Director at the Mendi Film. "A Land Affair", her second film, premiered at the emblematic Cinema Du Réel festival. She has just finished her first fiction film, "Puentes en el mar", a Colombian-Mexican co-production that had its international premiere at the Cartagena International Festival FICCI 62.

Michael Pause

Journalist, producer and writer. After completing his studies in Journalism, Political Science and History, in 1978 he began working for the Bavarian Broadcasting Company producing films for the show mountaineering "Bergauf-Bergab". Since then, he has produced and directed more than 150 films. Since its premiere in 2003, he is the artistic director of the International Mountain Film Festival Tegernsee. As a mountaineer, he prefers classical forms of the sport, looking for the high peaks, climbing, and skiing.

Juantxo Zeberio Etxetxipia

Pianist, arranger and composer. He has published four works that combine jazz and choral music: “Umama!”, “Umama2”, “Eguberri Umama” and “Xomorroak”.  Pianist of the Basque singer Benito Lertxundi from 2001. He also composes, arranges and plays for many Basque singers. In some cases, as co-creator of the project, “Hari Biru” and “Baldi” with Maddi Oihenart. Leader of the Tenpora group, they have published three albums and the fourth one is coming soon. Many of his projects combine music, mountains and nature.



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