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2022, Spain, 61min

Director: Rosa García

Alex Txikon, braves a new wintertime expedition on Manaslu, it’s to be the first environmentally friendly ascent using solar panels. Using this non-pollutant system, which reduces, as sustained by the Paris Accord, the carbon footprint commences the joint venture hand in hand with the EKI foundation. Alex is going to know the labour developed by the foundation in Sierra Leon wherein solar energy systems hare provided to permit energy self-sufficiency in hospitals and schools. Txikon proposes to mimic the same idea in “The Gunter Mountain School” a very special school in the Diamer valley in Pakistan, thus uniting two distinct culture, which at the same time are alike.


Erakundeak / Instituciones / Institutions



Ama Dablam


Laguntzailea / Colaborador

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