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2020, USA, 18min

Director: Kyle Ruddick

After crowning K2, Everest, Denali, Ama Dablam and other world-renowned peaks, elite mountaineer Pasang Lhamu Sherpa Akita's life changed following the birth of her son. Two years later, bearing the mountain in her heart, Pasang decides that to be the best mother she can, the need is there to go back to pursuing her dreams. She reflects on her proud Sherpa heritage, balancing traditional beliefs and modern trends, and overcomes the pressures that urge her to give up. Pasang walks with her son to Cholatse (6,440 m), her "Dream Mountain".


Erakundeak / Instituciones / Institutions



Ama Dablam


Laguntzailea / Colaborador

 Auto ofiziala / Vehículo oficial 

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