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Film registrations period opened for the BBK Mendi Film Bilbao-Bizkaia 2023


The deadline for film registrations for the 16th edition of the BBK Mendi Film Bilbao-Bizkaia festival is open from 31 March to 15 September.

The 2023 edition will be held between December 8 and 17. Interested producers, directors and filmmakers must present their works in the aforementioned period.

All those works completed or carried out after January 1, 2021, whose theme is developed or related to the mountain, may participate: mountaineering, climbing, mountain and adventure sports, skiing, extreme sports, ecology, environment, ethnography, nature ...

€24,800 in prizes.  All the prizes of the Official Section will have economic endowment in addition to the "Eguzkilore" Trophy and "Txalaparta" Trophy.


Grand Prize/Sari Nagusia/Gran Premio
“Eguzkilore” trophy & 6,000€
Best Director/Zuzendari Onena/Mejor Director/a
“Eguzkilore” trophy & 3,000€
Best Script/Gidoi Onena/Mejor Guion
“Eguzkilore” trophy & 2,000€
Best Cinematography/Argazkilaritza Onena/Mejor Fotografía
“Eguzkilore” trophy & 2,000€
Jury Award/Epaimahaiaren Saria/Premio del Jurado
“Eguzkilore” trophy & 2,000€
Best Original Soundtrack/Soinu Banda Onena/Mejor Banda Sonora original
"Txalaparta" trophy & 2,000€
EITB Award for Best Film in Basque/EITB Saria Euskarazko Film Onenari/Premio EITB a la Mejor Película en Euskera
“Eguzkilore” trophy & 2,000€
Best Mountaineering Film/Mendiko Film Onena/Mejor Película de Alpinismo
“Eguzkilore” trophy & 1,200€
Best Climbing Film/Eskalada Film Onena/Mejor Película de Escalada
“Eguzkilore” trophy & 1,200
Best Culture & Nature Film/Kultura eta Natura Film Onena/Mejor Película de Cultura y Naturaleza
“Eguzkilore” trophy & 1,200€
Best Sport & Adventure Film/Kirol eta Abentura Film Onena/Mejor Película de Deporte y Aventura
“Eguzkilore” trophy & 1,200€
Best Short Film/Film Labur Onena/Mejor Cortometraje
“Eguzkilore” trophy & 1,000€


Check here the awarded films of the BBK Mendi Film Bilbao - Bizkaia.

In the 2022 edition, 190 films were submitted. 59 of them were selected to complete the Mendi Film program.


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