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Art in climbing topos

The crowdfunding campaign to publish our book ART IN CLIMBING TOPOS is active. It is a dream that we have worked on for a long time and we need your help to publish it.
Join us, get a copy and if you do soon you can get an extra gift.

The publication of the book is included within EXPOCROQUIS, a project open to authors from all over the world, and which will be presented as an exhibition at the 16th edition of BBK Mendi Film Bilbao Bizkaia, in December 2023.

The sketches have been, since the origin of climbing, the way to share information between climbers. An essential companion of the written story, it has undergone the evolution of technological resources, from pencil and paper to the tools of the digital age.

Like any form of representation, it is subject to the subjectivity of the author and, therefore, to the incorporation of artistic resources that enrich it, taking this functional or practical instrument to a different status, in which a space for emotion is opened.




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