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The best mountain cinema on the beach of Canet d'en Berenguer on the night of July 17

The Mendi Tour presents its 7th edition at Canet d'en Berenguer in open air cinema format. On the night of Saturday, July 17, in Arena, in front of Plaça dels Pescadors, and with free admission, we will enjoy the best mountain cinema with outstanding films from the BBK Mendi Film Bilbao-Bizkaia festival.

Whitewater kayaking around the world, free skiing in the British Columbia, aerial acrobatics on the peaks of the Swiss Oberland, the dizzying tradition of the Canarian shepherd jump, and some alpinist puppets, merge in a program that will delight those who come to enjoy a summer night full of inspiration, a mountain cinema night.

In total, 5 films will be presented for a complete session of two hours of joy.

In adition, the fascinating film 'Out of The Blue' by French director Seb Montaz, will be presented at Canet d'en Berenguer by Josué Vergara, the Valencian musician who composed the soundtrack, and who also represented it at its premiere in the last edition of the BBK Mendi Film Bilbao-Bizkaia, in December 2020.

The Mendi mountain film festival presents every year the most current international mountain cinema, with extreme sports, adventure and nature films. The 14th edition will be held from December 3 to 12. The Mendi Tour is a 'The Best Of' selection, and a traveling cinematographic exhibition that extends throughout the year.


Saturday July 17

ATERPEAN ATERI: kayaker Mikel Sarasola dreams of whitewater in full confinement 2020.

CHARGE 2: The explosive fusion of world-class skiers and the world champion of drone piloting.

EL GRAN HITO: Best Short Film Mendi Film 2020 Stop-motion animation. From the creator of "ViaCruxis" Ignasi López.

JURRIA: GUARDIANES DEL GARROTE: The Shepherd’s leap (El Salto del Pastor) or the Shepherd’s pole vaulting (Salto del Garrote) on the island of Gran Canaria is preserved as a recreational-cultural practice thanks to the transmission of the knowledge and experience of one of the last shepherds and jumpers of the garrote.

OUT OF THE BLUE: Special Mention of the Jury Mendi Film 2020 Fascinating vertical odyssey on the peaks of the Swiss Oberland: highline, acroyoga, spacenet, paragliding, windsuits ... Spiced up with a delicious soundtrack composed by the Valencian Josué Vergara.



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